Here is some information about the addition (extension for the English) we are making to our house.  I drew up the plans myself.  My builder Kirk Eicholtz is going to build it out of wood & plastic siding with shingle tiles!  I can only presume that it will be heavy enough not to blow away!  Only a dog kennel would be allowed to be constructed in this way in England! Currently we have a single story house and a detached garage.  What we are going to do is demolish the existing garage and replace it with a new structure.  The front of the new structure with it's Plan of lotintegral double garage will have the garage doors in the same place as the old garage.  However it will be wider with a new front door and a hallway at the side.  It will be deeper too, filling the current space in between the existing house and the old garage.  This will enable the new hall way to meet up with the hall in the existing house and provide a new room for Susan's art stuff where the space in between the house and the old garage used to be.  Then the whole of the new structure will have a second floor providing two large bedrooms both with en-suit bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes.  The master bedroom which will be at the back will have cathedral ceilings with large triangular windows looking out over the bay.  There will also be a sheltered deck where we can sit and look along the roof of the existing house and on to the view of the garden & bay.  Here are a few pages from the plans:

Down stairs plan Upstairs plan Front of house Back of house

After I printed the plans I thought that if I printed them on sticky back paper I could make a model out of cardboard and then stick the plans on the side!  Here is the result!  I'll be adding new pictures as work progresses and removing some of the older ones to save space on the Web server.  We are hoping that it will be all ready to use by Christmas!

Front of model Back of model