Our back yard is 4480 square miles in size and is made from more than eighteen trillion gallons of water!  It is 35 miles across at its widest point and almost 200 miles long!  What do you have outside your back door??

Of course, I'm talking about the Chesapeake Bay which is the largest of the 130 estuaries in the United States, which means it is a place where fresh water and salt water mix together.  It is a shallow bay, averaging only 21 feet deep, but some places at the southern tip of Kent Island near to us are over 100 feet deep according to the depth finder on our boat.  The entire surface area of the bay and all it's tributaries measures 4480 square miles and there are more than 11684 miles of coastline including the 50 feet at the bottom of our garden at Chester River!  Various rivers including the Chester River, streams and ground water drain into Chesapeake Bay where this fresh water mixes with the salt water from the Atlantic Ocean. The area surrounding the Bay is called the Chesapeake Bay watershed and you will often see road signs that say "Chesapeake Bay watershed" after a place name. The watershed is all the areas that have water that ultimately drains into the Bay, and its big and includes parts of six states, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, and all of the District of Columbia.  The Chesapeake Bay stretches from Havre De Grace, Maryland, to Norfolk, Virginia.  The red dot on the satellite picture is our location at Chester River and that is the river you can see going North, North East from that point.  The following pictures are from our various travels around the bay in our boat over the last few years, and all are just a short trip from our pier!


The weekend after 9/11