This is our boat Suzie II named after my wife Susan (Suzie 1).  It is a Regal 2350 SLC cuddy.  They still make them the same, but now it's called a 2450.  Cuddy means that it has a small cabin at the front.  They also make the same boat as a bow rider, that's where there are seats at the front.  We purchased it new from Full Tilt marine in Woodbridge Virginia in April of 2001.  At that time we did not have the house at Chester River, but we had the motor home that we could use to tow the boat to the marina.  Now that we have a house with a pier, the boat sits on a lift attached to the pier.  We can just walk down the pier, press a button, and the boat is lowered into the water and is ready to go in no time.  Much easier than messing around at the boat ramp!  The boat has to go on a lift here because there is a tide of about two to three feet and the water can get very rough when there is a storm and the boat would get smashed up if it were just tied to the pier.  It has a big 5.7 liter V8 engine that produces 300 horse power and it can go as fast as 55 miles per hour which is quite fast for a boat this size.  It's small enough to have fun speeding around, but large enough to be safe in the main bay during a storm.  Well it looks like I have lot's of pictures taken from the boat, but not many good ones of the boat itself, see what you think.  I guess I'll have to take some more!  Checkout the video at the bottom of the page!
Speeding on Chester River Chester River On the trailer in the dirve after an oil change Ready to go to the boat ramp
Speeding away from the house Suzie I & Suzie II moored up at the inner harbor Baltimore On the lift after a day out on the bay Tied up at the pier
On the lift On the lift Tied up at the pier The captains controls

Please give the video time to load!  If you see black, it means it is still downloading!

Video of boat