This is a view of the approach to the Bay Bridge from the Western Shore at Sandy Point, courtesy of the Maryland Department Of Transportation.  If you are coming to see us on the Eastern Shore and are traveling east on route 50, if there is a jam at the toll here, you can get off route 50 at exit 29A or any exit thereafter.  Follow the back road all the way almost up to sandy point State Park.  There is a place where you have to turn left & left again to get back onto 50 East, just before the toll.  It can save you a bunch of time!  Sometimes this camera may be unavailable due to construction at the bridge.  If so, you will get a message that says "Unable to connect to server".  Also, the bridge authority can pan & tilt this camera around, so there is no guarantee of the exact view you will get although most of the time they leave it pointing at the approach to the toll plaza.  If you wait a while, they may move it around a bit!

You will need to have real player installed on your system to view the camera.  Click on the icon below if you need to install it..