This is my Honda CB750F2N.  I have owned it from new in 1992 and still it has only 6000 miles on the clock!  This is mainly due to the fact that it is currently in England and I am not.  Sometime when I have time to spend on it, I'll get it going again so it can be used for trips in the beautiful English countryside when I am there.  Currently it is in store as it has been for more than 10 years now.  Even back then, the CB750F2N was considered a retro design based on the original CB750 four, from 1968 although it looks more like the 1980's DOHC versions.  Everything else from Honda at the time was all V4 this and V4 that....  There is nothing super fast, latest this or fantastic that about the bike unlike the 1979 version that was the fastest 750 on the market at the time.  It is quite simply one of the best sports touring bikes I have ever ridden!  It's not too heavy, not too light, has a superb balance and is perfectly quick enough away from the lights with a very smooth power band.  It has a temperament like nothing I can explain?  Even the mechanics at the Honda dealer in Brighton England where I bought it were fascinated by just how good it was to ride after it's first service, yet still nobody could describe just what it was?  They just stood there looking confused while comparing it with the latest VF750 right beside it.  So I'll hang on to it and look forward to a time when I'll be able to ride it again.

Original CB750F2N 1992 Description From Honda

In an age where there are touring bikes, Super Sports, trail bikes, custom bikes, race replicas and all the rest, there's never been a stronger desire for one machine that strikes a balance between all the extremes of performance and style.  A bike that fulfils every rider's greatest desire of pure uncluttered riding enjoyment without any frills.  The original spirit of motorcycling.

Great Heritage

The original CB750 is with out doubt, one of the true classic bikes of the modern age.  It's immense popularity was was due to the fact that it captured the very essence of freedom and exhilaration.  When the CB750 was launched it revolutionized the entire industry.  It was envied by all other manufactures and imitated by many.  After it appeared for the first time in 1968, the CB went through many changes, upgrading its original single crankshaft to the two crankshaft and four cylinder in line version that became the classic we remember today.

Modern Standard

There's a big revival towards uncomplicated designs naked of fairing, straight handlebars and more upright riding position.  All the hallmarks of the original CB750.  Technology has, on the other hand,  moved ahead and improved.  Advances in engines, materials, tires, breaks and exhausts have all made dramatic progress.  Front end stopping is handled by a pair of powerful dual-piston caliper front disc brakes gripping large diameter slotted discs between sintered metal pads.  The rear is ably controlled by an effective single-piston floating caliper disc break.

Updated Engine

The bike, in many ways, is reminiscent of its predecessor but the engine through the years has been continually modified and improved to its present level of refined performance.  It now delivers a respectable 6.3kg torque at 7500rpm (DIN).  The 4 stroke inline 747cc 16 valve DOHC engine delivers smooth power through the chain and its high-efficiency oil cooler ensures stable operation under all riding conditions.

No-Nonsense Styling

With maintenance-free hydraulic valve adjusters and a transistorized pointless ignition with electronic advance, routine engine service has been reduced to only oil, filter and spark plug changes.  The battery also requires no attention.  The new CB750 combines the best of both worlds, retaining no-nonsense styling and enjoyment but adding improved quality all-round reliability and modern standards of efficiency.  The old spirit with a new soul.

Honda CB750F's form the 1980's

The original 750's that I remember salivating over in the early eighties looked more like those shown below that I have found around on the net, some of the later ones even having the same gold anodized boomerang comstar wheels like the CX650 Turbo.

CB750F2N Pictures

Some pictures from the original brochure in 1992