Here are some pictures of British Fish 'n' Chips which are the oldest fast food that I know of.  They are part of the stable diet of almost the entire British population.  Chip shops are to be found in every town and village, large & small.  At one point a few years ago when the British Government applied the VAT tax to takeout food, there was an uproar in the community as it was thought many working class families would starve if they couldn't afford Fish 'n' Chips.  The large stainless steel fryers are part of the furniture in every chip shop.  After the fish and chips are fried, they sit in on a grid where the fat drains off.  As they sit there they acquire a special texture which is irreproducible by any other method!  Then they are covered with salt & vinegar, wrapped up in paper and handed over the counter.  In the old days, there would be just a small piece of grease proof paper and the outer wrapping would be of old newspaper.  The smell of the hot chips & vinegar would mix with the warm smell of the news print to give a special aroma!  Fish 'n' Chip shops also often sell sausages, burgers and pineapple rings all also battered and deep fried!  Donner meat and chicken meat plus curry sauce and mushy peas are also common favorites! Unfortunately for me, this is one item from England that is not available in America in this original form.  The only place that I have found that actually does fry up the fish & chips is Go-Fish in Rehoboth DE, although it comes on a plate with cold slaw and lemon?  At least there is a real Fish 'n' Chips lady from South London!  Fish 'n' Chips are also to be found across Europe...  This is one page that will forever suffer the Internets inability to convey smell...

Wrapped up just back from the shop Fish 'n' chips all stuck together Fish 'n' chips Fish 'n' chips
Fish 'n' chips Just chips Fish 'n' chips Chips with sausage mushy peas & gravey Newcastle-under-Lyme
Fish 'n' chips Fish 'n' chips Kathy & Izzi eating Fish 'n' Chips in Newcastle-under-Lyme Izzi & Susan eating Fish 'n' Chips in Newcastle-under-Lyme
Susan outside "go fish" in Rehoboth DE "go fish" Fish 'n' Chips Icelandic Cod at "go fish" Rehoboth Adrian getting a Fish 'n' Chip fix after a long break!