http://www.blueridgeparkway.orgIf you are a motorcycle rider like me (CX650T, CB750F2, GL1500), quite apart from a great bike, what you need is a great road to ride it on!  Now while there are indeed some great places to ride in England, nothing I have ever seen before can touch the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Yes, you've heard the old song, now you can ride the road!  From winding roads with an almost perfect surface with steep hills and valleys to the fantastic overlooks of the Shenandoah valley, I just can't fault it as a bike ride!  Not only that, but if you go in the Fall (Autumn for the English), the red and gold colors of the trees are simply breathtaking.  The first section of the road going south from Front Royal to Waynesboro is part of the Shenandoah national park and is called Slyline Drive and is 105.5 miles long.  After that it is called the Blue Ridge Parkway and goes for another 470 miles to Cherokee in North Carolina.  Some day when I have time I am going to ride the whole thing on my Goldwing and photograph the views from each overlook.  Until then, here is a map and some pictures of how far we got on our 2005 trip to Roanoke with Susan's sister Annette and her boyfriend Philip riding a Harley Davidson Electroglide rented from Eagle Rider in Chantilly Virginia.  Click here for the highlights of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  One place of interest to stop off in Luray Caverns.

Herndon to Roanoke 2005

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