This is our Jag!  Or at least it was!  It is a 2001 XJ-8 Vandenplas 4.0 liter.  In England where these are made, this would be called a Daimler, but in the USA it is called a Vandenplas.  We leased it for three years from 2001 to 2004.  I don't know about you, but I would be reluctant to take full responsibility and ownership for a car that cost almost $80,000!  As it turned out, the tires were not round which caused a minor wobble in the steering for the entire time we had it and it was unreliable at starting in the cold.  I guess you know something is wrong when you have to tow your Jag out of the garage with your Explorer just to get it out of the way!  As for the tires, the dealer was only able to identify the problem after the 6000 mile warrantee had run out!  I don't even know where to buy a tire in the USA that has less than a 20,000 mile warrantee.   Even so, we had great fun driving it around and it really did impress everyone who saw it up close.  The stainless steel trim and the leather not to mention the fantastic paint are the best I have ever seen on any car.  It was ordered new by a guy that owned his own business in Virginia for his wife to drive.  He ordered it with special paint (Sea Mist Green) and a full DVD navigation system.  By the time it arrived at the dealer, he had lost his business and his wife lost her new Jag!  When we first saw it in the showroom it had only 3 miles on the clock.  The navigation system is a hoot!  "Turn left at the next intersection",  "Make a U turn if possible", it totally eliminated all arguments about which way to go and who was wrong about where we are!  If you believe you are the new owner of this car, please contact me for more stories and photos!  Not many 2001 Vandenplase's around in this color!  VIN: SAJDA24C51LF29639