This is a fun toy!  I have owned this boat from new in 1998 and it has lasted well over those years with 2004 being it's 7th year in operation.  It cost me $6989.00 plus tax & stuff new from Coleman Powersport in Woodbridge Virginia, but it had a $1000.00 rebate so it was a good deal for a new boat.  It's rather smaller being 9 feet in length compared with newer JetSki's and has a very narrow beam too, so it's quite difficult to handle being so powerful at 120 bhp, but that's what makes it so much fun, and still only the largest of the new breed of JetSki's can touch it for top speed!

When the water is flat and calm in the river here, it can do as much as 70mph!  The Chester River is great for JetSking as there is good water for jetting around right off the pier or we can take a trip around Eastern Neck island or go to the Bay Bridge and back!  Checkout the video below to take a ride!
Bow Side Drivers View Guages
Stern Waiting to go! Hey John, Let's take off! Yeh, OK Adrian, let's go!
Tied up! Smaller JetSki from Radio Shack! Sunk! In the bath!

Video of train