Luray CavernsLuray Caverns is a cave that is under the Shenandoah valley right by the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!  We go there once every couple of years or so or when we have visitors.  It's about 80 miles from Worldgate in Herndon. On the map below, "Start" is where Herndon is and "End" is where Luray is.  They have tours of the caves that last about 45 minutes and there is also a museum there full of old cars to look at.  Last time we went the car museum was closed because there was no power due to hurricane Isobel, but the cave tours were still going on with generators to power the lights.  So no car pictures I'm afraid!   The caves are the largest in the eastern U.S.A. and there are some very large formations.  They also have some of the thinnest formations I have seen where the light shines right through!

Here are some pictures from our last trip in September of 2003:

This is a panoramic view that I got from the Luray Caverns web site.  You can use your mouse to move and drag the picture around and zoom in with the little green dot on the slider.  It looks cool because it goes all around in a circle, but I think that the colors of my own pictures above are more representative of what it actually looks like!

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