This is our first motor home that we bought in the USA.  It is a 1998 Newmar Mountain Aire Diesel Pusher model MP-4068.  This was the first home that we owned in the USA and we lived in it from May 1998 until October 2001 when we bought the house at Chester River.  We traveled almost 20,000 miles in it which is a lot for just running about at the weekend!  As you can see it is a large coach measuring just over 40 feet in length and weighing in at over 30,000 pounds when loaded and ready to go!  It has a 325 horse power Cummins C8.3 rear mounted diesel engine and an Allison electronically controlled six speed automatic transmission, full air breaks with ABS and air suspension!  It's a blast to drive!  It also has a slideout (the sliding room that makes the living room area much bigger) and at over 21 feet in length was the longest slideout available at that time.

We sold it at the end of 2003 as we were not getting the time to use it what with the house and the boat.  The new cash price was $165,000 in 1998 and we sold it after five years of constant use for $99,950 which was about half way between the used dealer and the retail price at the time.  It was cool to have a big bus to drive around in though!   Click here for a full slideshow.