PierThis is our pier!  It's about 90 feet long and was already here when we bought the house at Chester River in 2001.  In factTerraServer USA according to this satellite picture from TerraServer USA, it was already here on April 6th, 1992, so we know it's at least 12 or more years old now, but the pilings and deck are in very good condition!  Originally it had the 11 X 12 foot platform at the end and 2 davits on the side that were probably used to hoist a small boat of some kind although we have never used them.  We have added three boat lifts to it since then which are needed to keep the boats out of the water to protect them from stormy weather and to keep them clean.  The first two lifts are 8000lbs Magnum lifts and were both installed by The Boat Lift Depot in Queenstown.  We use one of them to store our boat, SusieII and on the other, I fitted another 11 X 12 foot deck to form a lifting deck that gives us some extra space.  This is very useful for swimming, getting into the Monster Tube  or onto the JetSki.  Depending on the time of day or year, the tide can change the level of the water by almost six feet although on any one day, it usually doesn't change by more than three feet or so.  So now whatever the level of the water, we can set the deck to be just the right height and listen to the water lapping up over the edge while we sit and enjoy the view.  The third lift is for the JetSki and is an 800lb MiniMag also fitted by The Boat Lift Depot.  This lift can raise the JetSki above the level of the deck and then it swings round so that the JetSki can be lowered onto the deck.  This is very useful for cleaning & servicing the JetSki or for just getting it onto the lift in the first place!  Checkout the video at the end of this page to see what it is like to sit on the lifting deck and listen to the sea!
Pier Davit View of pier from space! View of pier from space!
Pier deck Piling Winch Cover Winch Gears
Cable drum Cable Lowered Lifting Deck Chair
Deck Lowered Water washing over deck! The view! View from beach
Pile Driver Pile Driver Fitting lifting deck Fitting lifting deck

Please give the video time to load!  If you see black, it means it is still downloading!

Video of pier