These pages are about our home theatre system that has been evolving over many years.  As time permits, I'll be adding a full system description and a page about each component of which there are many!  The system is essentially four large stereo systems that work together controlled and switched by a central processor.  Each stereo system is designed for a specific purpose and between them they use just about every amplification device known to man: Vacuum Tubes, Bi-Polar Transistors and MOS-FET 's (in order of invention).  The speakers are also made up of extremes from delicate electrostatic systems through multi-way moving coil to professional PA grade systems delivering more than a kilowatt a piece!  Program source comes from Juke-Box style CD players, VHS (Yes, we still have some old tapes) Laserdisc, DVD and Blu-Ray.  The projector is one of the latest HDTV DLP systems and the whole thing is controlled by a custom Windows application called PCRemote with custom controller hardware that communicates with the equipment through serial RS232 and hardwired infrared.
JBL SVA-1800 & SVA-2100 speakers Sharp XVZ-9000U Projector Technics SB-M1S
JBL SVA Speakers Sharp XV-Z9000U Projector Seleco SVT-180 Projector Technics SB-M1(s) Speakers
Technics SE-A5 SE-A5 MKII Technics SE-A3 SE-A3 MK2
Technics SE-A5 Technics SE-A5MK2 Technics SE-A3 Technics SE-A3MK2
Quad ESL-63 Speakers Marantz AV-9000 Velleman K4000 Quad ESL-63 Speakers
Quad ESL-63 Speakers Marantz AV-9000 Velleman K4000 Amp

Quad ESL-63 Speakers

Pioneer DVL-919E Pioneer DV-F07 Pioneer PD-F1007 CD Changer Pioneer PD-F1009 CD Changer
Pioneer DVL-919E Pioneer DV-F07 Pioneer PD-F1007 Pioneer PD-F1009
Technics SL-P10 Technics SL-P1000 CD Player Sony CDP-101, first ever CD Player! Bass
Technics SL-P10 Technics SL-P1000 Sony CDP-101 Subwoofer
  Electric Velvet