11.8 !! Ice starting to form Ice getting thicker, water just visible in the distance Thick ice around piling
Rope stuck in the ice! Ice packing around pier Suzie II packed up for the winter Ice packing as tide rises
Outside piles Chester river frozen from side to side! Snow and Ice as far as the eye can see! View from pier deck
OK so it started, still wish I had the explorer here this week! The trees & shed by the driveway Ice over 8 inches thick now! One of our neighbors has some boat trouble!  The tide has lifted this pile.
Ice cracking as tide goes out Mac and his grand kids walking to Qeenstown! Mac tells Adrian to go smash some ice! Suzie II resting on the ice, one of the piles has shifted!
Chopping the ice around the piles Is it tea time? Skidding the monster truck around on the ice Let's see how far we can go!
Neighbors bulkhead Snowman! Snowman & Susan Snowman & Adrian
Hmm, I don't think that ladder is for the deck to climb up! Ice breaking up The ice is noisey as it moves around! Ice melting
Ice melting Large slabs of ice stuck on beach The winter moon Winter sunset
Pier Icicles! Iced grass! Iced grass! Pier Icicles
Ice sticks! Iced pier! Iced bulkhead Ice Ice Ice!!!