http://www.ebay.comJust in case you don't know, eBay is an online auction marketplace.  People can go to the website and register as a user for free.  Then you can bid on auctions and if you win, you can make purchases, that is have to make purchases!  You can also be a seller and sell items from around your house or purchase wholesale items for resale on eBay and get instant access to more buyers from all around the world than you could possibly imagine!  This makes eBay a great place to get hard to find items and to get the best price for anything you have to sell.  eBay also owns a kind of electronic bank called PayPal.  This enables you to send & receive money for eBay purchases instantly and also allows people buying from you to use a credit card.  This makes everything very convenient and quick although receivers of money have to pay a fee.  Many eBay sellers just won't use PayPal because of this and so payment sometimes has to be made by money order and some sellers also accept personal checks.  The corner stone of trust between buyers and sellers is recorded on eBay with a system of feedback.  After every transaction, both buyers and sellers can leave feedback for each other and the list of feedback for each user is maintained forever!  There are three different feedback ratings that can be given and you get to leave up to 80 characters of text with each:

      Positive feedback means that you are very happy with the transaction
      Neutral feedback means that the transaction went OK, and there was no specific problem or effort either way
      Negative feedback means that you are unhappy with the transaction for some reason

So looking at this you would think that most transactions would end with neutral feedback in most cases.  What in fact happens, is that everybody seems to give positive feedback for every case and receiving negative feedback is like death!  This seems rather stupid to me as it does not give a clear picture, but that's how it is!  This then leaves you no way of indicating that a particular buyer or seller has done an extra special job by going the extra mile, other than saying A++ or something in the feedback.  Guess what?  Everybody does that all the time too!  Anyway, the feedback system does indeed help to keep things in order and is a good guide to a users experience on eBay.  Several of the items I have purchased have been many hundreds of dollars and a few of them have been as little as 99 cents.  There are a few examples below.

A few of the items I have bought on eBay

Technics SE-A5

JBL SVA-1800 & SVA-2100 speakers

Technics SE-A3

Spaten tap handle
Technics SE-A5 Amp JBL SVA 2100 Speakers Technics SE-A3 Amp Spaten beer tap handle & coasters

The following sections describe the policies I follow as a buyer and seller on eBay and I copy and paste the selling conditions into every auction I hold.  Click here to see my current eBay auctions.

Terms and conditions of eBay buyer flyyourmouse

If I bid on an auction of yours, I will have first read the auction if I consider that I need to in order to make a buying decision, and will contact you or not as I see fit.  No matter what, once I bid, if I win, I pay, period!  I am never remorseful over any purchase and I can afford to eat the total cost of any purchase I make if I mess up in reading and/or understanding any auction descriptions or conditions.  Sometimes I even bid on foreign language eBay sites without being able to read a thing, but I can still see the picture!  If I want it, I bid, that's all there is to it!  I do of course expect the item to be as described, but if it is not, I will make every effort to communicate with you to resolve the problem and I expect you to do the same.  If you sell me garbage that is not as described or poorly packed and are not reasonable about a return should I want that, be prepared for a severe battle!  I am always prepared to pay for any return shipping costs and reasonable fees you may incur.  My advice to you in this regard is if you don't have a return policy that actually allows returns, get one!  Hiding behind "All Sales Are Final, No Returns" is not going to work with me if you ship an item that is not as described and this includes DOA items.  As a seller, I account for all these buyer issues and more with a fair and detailed policy and I encourage all sellers to make a clear and fair statement of their policies regarding returns.  If fact, eBay now require this as of mid March 2009.  Once I have received the item as described, I give positive feedback at once.  I have only ever given negative feedback to a seller on one occasion and this was quite simply because the seller refused to properly communicate with me, and the last words I heard from him were "No, No, No.." and he hung up!  You do that to me, you will get negative feedback at once, period!  As far as I'm concerned, "Yes" I will communicate, "Yes" I will be reasonable, and "Yes", I am always prepared to compromise!  Thanks for selling on eBay & I'm always looking /Adrian..

Terms and conditions of eBay seller flyyourmouse

Like many honest and sensible eBay buyers, I have often wondered why some sellers have so many terms and conditions applied to their auctions and why they don't give me feedback as soon as I have paid.  However, since I have become a seller, I can now tell you that the arrogant pettiness, rudeness, remorse and inability of some bidders to properly read the auction first or even to pay is totally unbelievable and it is now time to protect myself from this by making a clear statement of what to expect.  These people have obviously never been to a real auction and clearly don't understand what they are doing when they bid or communicate online!  If you don't like this, don't like me or don't like my auctions, do not contact me and DO NOT BID!!!  I am just an ordinary guy here enjoying the pleasure of communicating with others over the internet and moving some of my stuff here that I don't need to a good home.  I am not a business and I am not here to make money out of this for income, I would just rather see these items go to a good home rather than go into the landfill.  I have met many nice and interesting people through the internet but it is simply astounding to me how rude some people can be online.  My best advice, is never to say anything online that you would not normally say in person to another.  I have nothing to hide and you can read all about me at, but I can tell you I don't intend to loose money due to the foolishness of others.  If you have only been a buyer so far, you need to understand that selling is work like anything else!

If you bid on this auction, you are bound by all of the terms and conditions within this contract.

Auction Descriptions

All of my auction descriptions are of a high quality and often use many imbedded HTML features.  I give true and accurate descriptions to the best of my ability and provide very high quality photos of items hosted from my own website at You may request any further information you may need to help you in your buying decisions and my feedback speaks for itself.

Questions and answers

I welcome any questions or comments about my listings that are presented in a friendly and professional manner and I will do my best to answer them in a reasonable time.  Any pompous, nasty, rude, derogatory or abusive comments or comments that infringe eBay policy will be reported to eBay as appropriate and will not be answered by me.  Also I reserve the right to use any text, information or comments received in any eBay question delivered to my email for any purpose whatsoever including publishing it on my own website at The only reason you should be concerned about this is if your message is in one of the above mentioned categories.


Good communication is the key to good understanding and good understanding is the key to successful transactions.  I expect you to be able to read and understand the auction and properly communicate in English via email.  If you have any questions about the auction that may change your mind, please contact me BEFORE bidding!  Communication is also necessary after the auction ends, and this will start by me sending you an invoice within 1 day of the auction end.  If this does not happen, it means that my Embarq DSL is down, I am sick or dead.  I expect you to contact me via email within 3 days of auction end to let me know how you are going to pay, and then to pay within 7 days of auction end.  If you have any questions about the item when you receive it, please just contact me and ask.  If for any reason we get into a disagreement, I will NEVER end the email thread and require that we communicate properly like grownups until any issue is resolved.  Some remorseful buyers think they can go and cry to their credit card company, but what will happen is that PayPal will contact me and I shall paste the entire email thread to them and eBay, and then we will see who had read this contract or not.


All of the eBay community are welcome to bid on my auctions.  If I think that you have very low or excessive negative feedback relative to the value of your bid when I see it, I may contact you with some questions.  I reserve the right to cancel any bid at any time for any reason I like even if you turn out to be the winning bidder!  When I started out with feedback 0 like we all do, I was given the chance to bid on a $400 item, and I will do the same for you if you can show that you can communicate with me BEFORE bidding. If you have feedback of 10 or less, please just contact me before you bid if the bid is over $100.  Once you bid, if you win, you pay!  If you get carried away and you bid too much, remorse will be yours and payment WILL be mine!


I accept PayPal and other obvious methods of payment.  All payments are to be received within 7 days of auction end.  If you do not pay, I will report you to eBay.  If you have some valid reason for taking longer to pay, I expect you to tell me about it before the 7 days expires.  The seven day period will only be extended if I reply to your email and specifically state that you have been given a payment extension.  I do understand that difficulties sometimes arise and I am willing to communicate with you to resolve any problem.


I ship USPS/UPS with delivery confirmation, and insurance is optional for items $50 and under.  Larger items ship by UPS of freight carrier.  Insurance is required for any item over $50.  Buyer pays ALL packing, shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation charges.  I charge the amount indicated by the eBay shipping calculator to the nearest ounce above and I charge at least $1 for handling any package and more for large packages, plus the cost of any actual packing I have to buy to properly pack an item.  In many cases (but not all), I use old boxes I have here in which case these costs will be minimal.  Unless I state otherwise in the auction, you can see the total you will have to pay to your ZIP by entering your correct ZIP into the shipping calculator on the auction and pressing "Calculate".  This will show your total cost including my fee.  This enables you to see the total cost BEFORE bidding and this amount will remain the same after the auction has started and will be what you see in the invoice that I send at the end.  For international shipments, you must contact me directly for a shipping quote and I will need your Town Post Code and Country to give you a quote.  Once I have received your payment, I will ship within 3 days unless I tell you otherwise.  If you pay by PayPal before 3:00pm eastern time, I will most likely ship the same day the auction ends.  No matter what, I can NOT be held responsible for any damage during shipping.  I photograph the item and all packing and boxes before they leave.  If the insurance will not pay for some reason, the loss of the item lies with YOU the buyer that asked me to ship in the first place.  If you do not like this, DO NOT BID!!!  Local pickup is fine if you are in the location of my shipping address in FL 33952 in which case there is no shipping charge at all.  In most cases I only state that I ship to USA.  If you are an international bidder, I will gladly take any questions on a case by case basis and in most cases I will ship anywhere as long as it can be done from the USPS post office or UPS.

International Buyers Please Note:

  • You must contact me with your Town, Post Code and Country to get a shipping quote BEFORE bidding.

  • Import duties, taxes and charges are NOT INCLUDED in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

  • Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be BEFORE bidding.

  • These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up do not confuse them for additional shipping charges.

  • I do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior.

Return Policy

If you are unhappy with your item for any reason, I am always prepared to take a return and by bidding on this auction, you agree to ALL of the following return terms and conditions:

Items for return MUST be returned to me postmarked no more than 3 days after the date of your receipt as indicated on the USPS/UPS delivery confirmation website.  All return shipping and handling costs are to be paid by YOU the buyer.  You can use the shipping calculator to work out your return cost from the weight I indicate in the auction.  If you do not like the possibility of this cost to you in case you don't like the item, DO NOT BID!!!  When received by me, the item must be in original and exact condition as when I shipped it and this will be determined by me and me alone and my decision is final and binding.  If the item is not in the same exact condition, I will inform you of this and together we will communicate to resolve the problem.  Basically, your choices are to pay for the item to be shipped back to you, or to eat the loss.  Depending on the state of the item, I shall either relist or discard it if you do not pay to have it shipped back to you.  I advise that all returns have delivery confirmation and be insured, and if they are lost or damaged or the insurance will not pay, it is YOUR loss.  If the item is in the same exact original condition, I shall make a refund to you via personal check mailed only to the address of original shipping if you didn't pay with PayPal, or by PayPal refund if you paid that way, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  The amount refunded will be the actual amount received from you less any fees incurred by me and less the actual original postage paid by me and less the cost of the stamp to mail the refund to you, again with delivery confirmation.  I will not charge you any handling fees for a return.  So the net result of all this for me, is that after you bidding and winning the auction, me shipping and then you returning the item, I am back where I started, but I still have to pay eBay their fee for the auction!  If you are unhappy with this in any way, DO NOT BID!!!

International Buyers Please Note:

  • International returns MUST be properly marked as RETURNED MERCHANDISE to avoid any return duties and taxes.

  • It is YOUR responsibility as the buyer to work out how to properly mark the return from your country.

  • It is YOUR responsibility as the buyer to work out how to get any duties or taxes refunded to you from your countries customs.

  • If a return results is any duties or taxes to be paid to pickup the item, these MUST be paid in advance by YOU or I will not accept the return and you will get no refund.

DOA Policy

In the case of a DOA item which can sometimes happen through no fault of you or me, I will accept a return as defined above in my Return Policy and still require that the item be in the same exact physical condition as when I shipped it.  If you don't like the possibility of the return shipping costs to get your refund on a possible DOA item, DO NOT BID!!!  If you have any concerns about the working operation of some item please contact me BEFORE bidding.  Be especially careful where the ratio of shipping cost to item value is high and in such cases you may be better of just discarding the item and eating the loss.  This is not my problem as you clearly know the cost ratio up front BEFORE you bid.  I had a case like this myself with a piece of computer equipment I bought from an online store in San Diego that I wanted to return because it wouldn't work for me, and I did indeed have to pay the shipping both ways to get my refund, so join the club!  There is nothing unusual about this.

Guarantees and Warrantees

NONE of my items ever carry any guarantee or warrantee.  There is NO guarantee or warrantee implied or otherwise with any item, period!


I guarantee that I will leave positive feedback for you after you are happy with your item and have done so for me.  If you leave negative feedback for me, it can only be that you have not properly read these terms and conditions of the auction BEFORE bidding and/or have not properly communicated with me after the auction has closed to resolve any problem.  In this case I will rebut the feedback and publish the auction on my own website with ALL communication between us.  Everybody will be able to see the whole story!  If you simply fail to communicate or pay, I will report you to eBay as a nonpaying bidder.  If you don't bother to leave feedback for me, I shall leave none for you and you will be added to my blacklisted buyers list.

If you don't like these terms and conditions, don't like me or don't like my auctions, DO NOT BID and
do not contact me!!!

Let's keep bidding a happy process so we can all enjoy the benefits of eBay!
Good luck bidding & thanks for looking /Adrian..

Negative Feedback Descriptions

At this time, I have never received any negative feedback on eBay and hopefully that is how it will remain!